October, 2011
Harmony's visit to the Mayo clinic the first week of October had mixed results. First, there was some great news. Imaging showed that there were no remaining visible tumors. There is, however, a cancer indicator that suggests there is/are small amount(s) of medullary cancer cells somewhere. The doctors believe that more imaging should be done in three months to see if anything becomes visible. If something is found, surgery will immediately be scheduled. There is a small chance that the cancer indicator is just residual from the previously removed tumors. The tumors were removed 3 months prior. The cancer indicator is processed in most known patients in a few weeks time. But perhaps Harmony's body has a few non-standard processes going on. Life goes on expecting the best will happen.

November 03, 2011
The Fundraiser raffel Drawing is complete. A HUGE Thank You to all of our sponsors, donors, and participants!


Lets Help Harmony!
kick cancer's butt

Harmony has a rare cancer that doesn't respond to conventional cancer treatments. Imaging, more surgery, and eventually clinical trials is the treatment plan. The Mayo Clinic is the closest place with the needed experience to help Harmony on her path. Please help her and her family with any donation or encouragement that you can.